Welcome to the screencap archive, housed here are a variety of screencaps from many different fandom sources. All the caps here were made by me, Crystal. Check out the site rules and stuff, and then feel free to browse through the caps that are currently available. Check back for updates, because I hope to keep this place growing all the time.


09.02.05 - I'm way behind on updating this part of the site, but there ARE new caps up in the gallery. Just bypass this part of the site and go directly right here. :)

07.21.05 - Added 1 new sets of caps: Dead Like Me 2x13 - Last Call.

07.20.05 - Added 2 new sets of caps: Lost UK Promo #2 & My Boyfriend's Back (Matthew Fox).

07.14.05 - Added 7 new sets of caps: Everybody Loves Raymond 9x16, The Job 1x01, Sabretooth (Josh Holloway), Scrubs 1x08, Scrubs 1x22, Two Guys and a Girl 3x14, & Wings 3x21.

07.12.05 - Site open, and the first caps are now available. :)