This site was created in July 2005, by me, Crystal. I decided to make it so there would be a home for all the caps I tend to make for various fandoms. It's just a hobby for me, and I'll only do it when the mood strikes. I don't plan to make a job out of it, lol, so updates will vary. That's just the way it goes with me, heh.

Why another cap site, you may ask? That's simple. While I love some mainstream fandoms, a lot, I also tend to make screencaps of things that aren't capped a lot that I know of. So, I thought I'd make this for people who share my quirky love for random shows, movies, and other stuff so they can find and use caps of the things they love. Of course, there'll be some Jossverse, Lost, and other heavily capped (and popular) shows here too. But I figure it'll be the odd stuff that I focus on that makes this cap site different from the rest.