The FAQs found here are not a replacement for the rules, they're just answers to some questions I've received or could imagine receiving.

Q & A//

Q: May I use these caps for my layout and/or fan art?
A: Absolutely! You can use these caps for any type of artwork you'd like to, as long as you don't claim credit for making the original caps. Credit is muchly appreciated, that way other people can find the caps as well.

Q: Can I take these and put them in my own gallery?
A: Absolutely not! Unless you have express permission from me, which you probably won't get. Feel free to a a few for your own fansite if you wish, but don't take the bulk of them. That's just a crappy thing to do.

Q: How do I donate caps for the site?
A: Right now, I'm not taking any submissions from anyone. Sorry. Maybe in the future that will be a possiblity, but for right now I'm only housing caps I've made myself. But the offer is appreciated.

Q: Can I make a request then?
A: No. It's not that I don't fill requests for my friends, and whatnot, it's just that if I opened them up on a large scale, I know I would feel bad if I didn't get them done in a timely fashion.

Q: Can I hotlink your caps?
A: Please don't. Bandwidth costs money, and when you hotlink them, that's stealing.

Q: Why are some of the caps smaller than others?
A: Oh, that's probably because the subject you're looking at isn't out on DVD yet. That's as good as they can be for the time being. The reason they were included at all, is because some people (including myself) love to make icons for livejournal and they work nicely for that. Everything is capped at its proper ratio, so if it's a widescreen DVD, the caps will be widescreen. Same goes for full screen.

Q: Will you upload ____ caps in a .zip for me?
A: No and yes. When they are new, I sometimes tend to post them to my own LJ and at capping communities, so you'd be able to get them that way for a little while. But once the .zip is down, it is down. I won't put it back up, and you'll have to just use the gallery.

Q: How do you make these screencaps?
A: I use PowerDVD for DVDs and BSPlayer for .avi files. I recommend them both, they're great.

Q: What gallery are you using?
A: It's Coppermine.

Q: Can you show me how to install Coppermine on my site?
A: No. They have an awesome FAQ already, and explain it way better than I ever could.

Q: Hey, do I know you from somewhere?
A: Perhaps. I'm active in lots of fandoms, so you might have bumped into me there. I'm crystalkirk on LJ, so that might be it.

Still have a question for me? You may email me at crystal@cruel-kindness.net if you'd like to, but please make sure the subject line is: c-k.net caps archive or something equally specific. If you leave the subject blank, or make it "Hi!" or something, I'll probably just trash it with the junk. Heh.